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Facing Your Giants

What’s in the name? What’s in the name?” Asked by the little boy. “Names are important, little man. There is so much revelation in it,” the teacher replied.

As the Israelites stood at the threshold of their promised land, they were confronted with the “giants” that stood between them and their destiny. Today, we too, must face the same “giants” before we could actually step into all that God has called us to.

In Genesis, God told Abraham that after 400 years his descendants are going to come back to the land and they are going to have to conquer 10 different nations—these nations that they have to conquer, some are mightier than them. Now when it was Moses’ time to lead the Israelites, just right before they’re about to enter the promised land, the LORD also talked to him and said something like, “Now, I’m just reminding you that you’re going to enter into a land and there are seven nations that are stronger than you. You’re going to conquer other nations, but there’s seven that are stronger than you and you’ve got to rely on Me to conquer them.”

Now I understand that names mean something. Names are important as each name carries a meaning with it. For example the name “Jesus” – Yeshua, literally in Hebrew means salvation. So whenever you see salvation in the old testament, it literally means Yeshua. True enough, when Jesus came, He came for the salvation of mankind.

Just like there were giants or there were nations that stood in the way of Israel reaching their land of promise and the fruitful land that God had called them to, I’ve realized that the names – by the divine direction of the Holy Spirit – the names of the countries or the nationalities that Israel had to conquer could also mean something. So I began to look up and do word studies of the names of the countries that they have to conquer, and I came up to some amazing conclusions: the three that we can conquer on our own and the seven that we have to have God conquer for us (with our cooperation). Even in conquering on our own, there’s a test involved in that. Because if you conquer something on your own, the tendency is to think you did it yourself. The wise person says, “Maybe I could conquer this on my own, but I need God’s help and I want Him to help me in everything. I don’t want to become self-sufficient, I want God to work in my behalf in every single thing that I do.” John 15:5 says,

“… Apart from Me you can do nothing.”

I believe the LORD wants us to know that even when we think we can, we can’t… apart from His power.

So what are the three “giants” that we could conquer?

First, we have the Kenites, and kenite means “fabricator”. It further means that there are going to be lies and false accusations sent against you and the design of that is to get you to become self-defensive, so you defend yourself instead of God defending you; and you become so focused on your own issues that you forget to look at other people’s issues. The agenda of the Kenites is to get you forget the big picture and to look at the lies, thinking about the terrible things others say about you instead of thinking what God can do. And so you focus more on the problem rather than the solution. A lot of times in the ministry, there are opportunities where, as you elevate in the Kingdom and you are able to reach more and more people, you also become a target. There’s constant criticism, people who judge your heart, but you can’t be like king Saul and worry about what people are saying – you just have to be concerned about pleasing God. However, I understand that the flesh at times wants to defend yourself and you can get caught up in that bubble. It will totally divert you from what God wants to do. Now the thing is, sometimes you need to just let them swarm you and let God be your Defender—and I know that it’s so difficult to do, but we need to do it. Otherwise, we become so focused on the problem and we actually forget about expanding the Kingdom. We become absorbent of everything that is happening to us and we don’t help other people with their problems, until we become exhausted and not have the energy to do what God asked us to do in the first place. Remember that if you try to defend yourself, people who don’t like you will not believe you and say it’s not true; and so if we defend ourselves, nothing actually changes. But when God defends us, it is for additional power and authority.

Second is the Kenizzites, which means “possessiveness” or “to be possessive”. It’s kind of like covetousness—it’s trying to look more spiritual than you are, trying to look more spiritual than somebody else and we want to portray a façade that makes other people think we’re really something better than what we really are. Here’s what happens when you do that: you actually don’t walk on what you are created to do because you’re trying to look like everybody else. And every time you look like everybody else, you’ll never achieve what God designed you to become—you always want to prove yourself to people—that’s part of the result of this. Carve in your heart that you were designed by God to become something unique. And so it’s walking in humility and giving God the glory because when we begin to think that it’s about us, that’s really dangerous. When you start comparing yourself to somebody else and try to live up to their reputation and not live up to what God has called you to do, you’ll never reach what you were uniquely designed to do because you are trying to copy somebody else and live up to their spirituality. You have to know who you are and you have to rest in the affirmation of God.

The last among the three is the Kadmonites. The word means “ancient ways” and it represents a religious spirit. It basically means tradition is treated as if it’s equal to Scripture and the old wine is good enough. It’s a spirit who says, “We’ve always done it this way, why can’t we keep on doing it this way?” Mark 7:13 says, “Your tradition has made the Word of God of no effect.” Your traditions, your man-made rules, your religious spirit – it will make the Word of God of no effect. When the Kadmonite spirit is in you, you impose what you like and you say, “You’ve got to do it my way or it’s not really good.” You’re doing it on your own again—it’s your way and you’re making it about yourself.

Now we’re going to the seven “giants” we can’t conquer without God’s help. All of them we really can’t conquer without God’s help, but right now He’s saying just like what He said to Moses, “There are seven that are mightier than you, stronger than you, greater than you,” and God’s going to require us to conquer these.

Here’s the first one and it’s called the Hittites, which is sometimes known as the “Hittite spirit”. It produces terror and it represents the fear of failure. When that happens, spiritual paralysis takes place and we become afraid to do anything because we don’t think we’re spiritually enough to accomplish it. So we volunteer, but then we back away; or we never volunteer because we think that there’s no way that God would use us to be able to accomplish that and if we try to do it, it won’t be enough anyway—fear suddenly grips us and brings us to paralysis. And so we’ve got to partner with God in order to overcome that. That’s why “Perfect love casts out fear,” (1 John 4:18) because the Spirit of God comes in and removes all fear in our lives and then we “… can do all things through Christ who strengthens you” (Philippians 4:13). You see, we all have a destiny that God has called – a purpose – a purpose for which we were created. God put us here to achieve that purpose, and the only way we’re going to achieve that purpose is by allowing Him to conquer that which is trying to conquer us. That’s the great thing about God – He’s always stronger than our enemy.

Next is the Perizzites. Perizzite means “squatter”or “apathy” where we don’t do anything about it. It’s something about things, attitudes, habits that has always been in a certain way and we can’t change anything. It’s like saying, “Why even try when we can’t do anything about it” or “We can’t make a difference in our lives so why even bother try?” That’s a squatter spirit and here’s what happens: when the squatter spirit stays long enough, the property becomes the squatter’s. Think about it in the spiritual context, it’s kind of like demon spirits. They don’t have any authority to be in God’s property (which is you), but many times we open the door for them, then they come in and squat, and then we let them stay instead of casting them out by the blood of Jesus. They become squatters in our lives and destroy us. It is the blood of Jesus that overcomes every one of these nations. It is that faith in Him and the blood of Jesus that overcomes as we apply the blood of Jesus to everything that’s going on in our lives.

The third among the seven is the Rephaims, which literally means “giant.” It causes you to want to flee and run away from something you are doing. It’s what you wanted to do, but the giant gets in the way to want you to give up, to surrender; and then you think that God really didn’t tell you to do that after all, and that this is much harder than you thought it was. This giant wants to overcome you and wants to keep you from finishing what you have started and from what God has called you to do. Something that I’ve learned in my life is that God is always stretching me and I always feel like it’s a giant when He does that. He asks me to do something that I feel like I’m incapable of doing, but He’s asking me to do it anyway. Well, I thank the LORD for the lives of some people (whom God intentionally use) who I look up to. Their perseverance (they never turned around and ran) inspires and encourages me. So this giant, when we turn our backs from the enemy and ran, it’s called cowardice – we turn from advancing the Kingdom to shrinking the Kingdom. And when we turn our backs from the enemy, it’s easier to shoot us (think about that).

Were there times in your life when you wanted to run away from the ministry? Oh boy, I have never felt that way except for a hundred times I can remember. But, you’ll never reach your destiny until you conquer that which stands in front of you and the reality is this: God intentionally brings these “nations” or these “giants” before our face to make us address them, because it actually makes us stronger than ever – they are our bread; so let’s go up right now, face our giants because they are our bread. This is what we are going to take and will make us stronger – we deal with this moment and we’ll become stronger than ever.

Fourth is, the Amorites. Now this spirit seems subtle, but it’s very destructive to the way that we think. Amorite means “sayer”. A sayer is meant to create inferiority and self-doubt in your mind. Basically, it does this: whenever you walk into a room, you feel like people are talking about you. Whenever you’re in some place, you think that you’re the topic of conversation even when you’re really not, but you do feel like you are. It causes you to be incredibly withdrawn and to think more about what others say about you than what God has called you to do. It makes you think that you are not made as good as other people and that God made a mistake when He made you. So inferiority says, “God had made me less than other people. While they have a purpose, I don’t really have a purpose; I’m not here for anything and I guess I just exist until God takes me home.” The sad truth about this is that there’s a huge number of people carrying this giant, this spirit out there. And what’s worse is that it seems like it’s not really a big deal, but it’s really, really a big deal in our lives.

Canaanites, the fifth one. Their name means “zealousness” or “pre-mature promotion or pre-mature opportunity”. It causes us to want to do something and not wait for the timing of God, but we feel like, “Okay, God’s told me to do it” instead of thinking, “Okay, God’s told me I’m going to do it.” We extrapolate God told us to do it and with that, we’re going to launch out into the deep when God hasn’t told us to launch out yet. “There’s a time for everything under heaven,” Ecclesiastes says, and yet we fail to recognize that time. So the result of that is when we launch out pre-maturely or out of the timing of God’s plan, things don’t work out the way we thought it would, we get discouraged and we quit, then it causes us to say, “I’m never going to do anything else again.” Therefore, we become passive, we’re already beaten, and we don’t achieve what God has called us to do because we quit. “An inheritance gained hastily at the beginning will not be blessed in the end,” Proverbs 20:21 says. You must understand how important the process is for if you make a shortcut, you shall never succeed. The LORD knows what you need to fulfill your destiny and purpose, so don’t fight that process and yes, you may have to wait this long, go through this door and wait a little longer, but you follow Holy Spirit; you allow Him to show you and open those doors. When you start forcing those doors to open or you start to take your plan—come on, we’ve all done it; we’ve all tried to help God out, but it never works that way—nothing good happens.

The second to the last giant is, the Girgashites. Now this is very common as the name means “stranger.” It’s a giant that makes you feel out of place everywhere you go. You may be attending a church for ten years and you go, “I don’t feel at home here. I’m out of place here.” When it does that, it keeps you from growing roots and it keeps you from maturing on what God has called you to do.

Finally, we have the Jebusites which means “downtrodden”. It creates this feeling of anxiety and depression, and a victim mentality where we blame others for our lack of success. This is also the giant that makes you feel condemned for not doing enough. This is the one causing you stress, anxiety or depression, even when you’re in the ministry. Proverbs 12:25 says, “Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression.” It begins with anxiety trying to do too much, or feeling that you’re not doing enough – which presses you to do more, but then you still feel unfulfilled.

Now that you’ve known this, what are you going to do about it? Let’s face our giants and let’s conquer our promised land!

© Facing Your Giants by Clarke Hernandez

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